1 December 2012

Snön ligger djup på taken. Endast tomten är vaken. Skulle man kunna tro 🙂 Första dec.bilden här och fotot på de tre sista rutorna till den traditionella quilten!

”There are deep snow on the roof and only Santa is awake”. From an old swedish tale. Pic from the first of december is here and a photo with the last three blocks for the traditional quilt!

1 Dec 2012

thqa 11


2 thoughts on “1 December 2012

  1. The weather forecast last night said ”snow in the north”. I mentioned to my other half that you would probably have a lot of snow already and that your photo would be online today. There it is….beautiful but soooo cold 🙂 I assume people cope well in Sweden in the snow. Here in the UK, everything falls apart 🙂
    Lovely finished blocks as usual. Have a lovely weekend Gun. Wrap up warm! Avis x


    • It started snow last wednesday. Today we had sun, but cold. -9 C. In Sweden we are used to the snow, comes every year, and still there are people who don´t dress warm, and drive as if it was summer! When will they ever learn? 🙂
      Have a nice weekend you too!



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