Bloghop and Give-Away!!!!!!!!

Denna give-away är nu avslutad och vinnaren är kontaktad!

This give-away is now closed and the winner has been notified!

Bloggen Quiltgallery fyller 5 år och vi är med och firar!!!!! 150 (minst) bloggare runt om i världen bjuder nu in till BLOGHOP och GIVE-AWAY, HURRA!!!!!!! Det är bara att klicka på länken och du är där 🙂 :

Jag har sytt en liten origamiväska och tänker stoppa ner både det ena och det andra i den. Missa inte chansen att vinna den! Det enda du behöver göra är att lämna en kommentar, berätta gärna vad du tycker om julen 🙂 Det är bra om du lämnar din emailadress, så jag kan meddela dig om du vinner. Söndagen den 16 december drar jag en vinnare! Lycka till!

The blog Quiltgallery is celebrating it´s 5 year on the net!!!!! More than 150 bloggers all around the world are participating and we are inviting you to a BLOGHOP and a GIVE-AWAY, HURRAH!!!!! Just click on the link and you´ll find us there 🙂 :

I´ve sewn a small origamipouch and are going to fill it up with this and that. Don´t miss the chanse to win! The only thing you have to do is leave a comment. I´d love to hear what you really think of Cristmas 🙂 Just remember to leave your emaileaddress, so I can contact you if you win. On Sunday 16 December I´ll draw one winner! Good luck to all of you! 



125 thoughts on “Bloghop and Give-Away!!!!!!!!

  1. I think Christmas time is magical for young children but it can easily become a stressful time for adults if they let it get out of hand. I always want to make sure everything is done in good time and then still find myself rushing around at the last minute 🙂 Thank you for having a giveaway! Avis x

  2. Söt liten väska. Den vill jag gärna ha en chans att vinna.
    Jag gillar julen när barn och barnbarn kommer, vi äter gott och har trevligt tillsammans.
    Däremot tycker jag att det är trist att julskyltningen börjar tidigare och tidigare varje år (känns det som). Man har ju nästan blivit less på julen innan den kommer.

  3. I love your little pouch. I think Christmas is a wonderful time of year because I get to gather with my family and celebrate the birth of Christ with them. We do exchange gifts but are working hard to make Christ our focus and to really enjoy being together as a family.. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas

  4. Vilken fin väska, och så spännande när den fylls med något också, rena rama julafton för den som blir lycklig vinnare. Julen en helg att umgås med nära och kära, lite god mat och ett och annat sällskapsspel och pussel. Ha det

  5. I love Christmas and everything about it! My kids are 21 & almost 17 so I miss the excitement that little ones bring to Christmas. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  6. I love Christmas esp the lights! I get alittle stressed now that my children are grown and are having families of their own…I now have 13 grandchildren to buy for! I need to find a way to keep the joy in the giving.

  7. this is such a lovely bag! thanks for sharing.
    I’m enjoying Christmas now more than ever, since I have a 3 1/2 year old and a 7 month old baby, and I have to make it special. It makes more sense now.

  8. I celebrate Halloween big-time and tend to try to ignore Christmas. As far as I’m concerned, people should be nice to one another all year round instead of only a couple weeks in December. That honest enough for you? lol

    Thanks so much for the chance to win such a nice little bag.

  9. Are you really sure you want to know? I really dislike Christmas for what its become. This time of year should be about kindness, forgiveness, and generosity to those less fortunate…not about buing expensive material posessions that mean nothing.

  10. I love Christmas, the carols, the beautiful decorations, choosing the perfect gift, etc. I do think it has become to commercialized, however, and I am trying not to go ”overboard” with what I give to the grandchildren! I love your little pouch!

  11. In general I like Christmas, I don’t like the lead up to it, that’s stressful! It’s worth it on the day though, the kids have so much fun. sable at xtra dot co dot nz

  12. Christmas is fun to prepare for but then in a matter of minutes all that month-long prep and stress and pressure is over. Don’t get me wrong – I love the stress and pressure but am usually left feeling quite blue and depressed by it all afterwards. I am an adult – I don’t need to exchange presses (unless handmade and special). January is good – a chance to start fresh and HOPE for a good year ahead. Thanks for asking 😉

  13. I love Christmas and am trying very, VERY hard to teach my children that the season is about giving and not receiving. It is a struggle as the USA is much about toys, toys and more toys! Thank you for the opportunity to win your grab bag!

  14. I love the pouch. The material is so cute. thanks for the chance to win. I love Christmas because the family spends the whole day together.

  15. Very cute pouch! Christmas is for me a time of peace, joy and love. Over the past several years I have done lots to make it a less stressful time – I miss some of the ”ritual” but find I have more energy and time to enjoy my family and friends.

  16. I love Christmas because we can celebrate the birth of our saviour – it is a special time! Thanks for the lovely giveaway!

  17. Love Christmas and everything it stands for! I am so thankful for a Saviour who came as a babe just so I could know Him and the miracle of Christmas. Love the bag you made! debgiro at wildblue dot net

  18. I think Christmas is very commercial. In the city I live a major drug store was playing nothing but Christmas music in November. Enough people complained that the media got the story and the store decided to turn off the Christmas tunes until December lol. Soon It will be Christmas in September.
    I do love to spend Christmas home with my family, and I do like Christmas songs.

    ktreve (at) hotmail (dot) com

  19. Love your lil’ bag! 🙂 I think CHRISTmas is a time for Family, Children, goood food, chatter, hugs…and MORE Hugs! 🙂 But MOST of all, it’s a time to CELEBRATE Jesus’ birth. We are allll soooo Blessed!

    Thanks for chance to win your drawing! Merry CHRISTmas!! & Ohio Hugs! 🙂

  20. I love Christmas! I like the time with family. I like all the festive food and fun events. I like baking cookies and pies. Currently, I am keeping busy making ornaments for the Jesse Tree (visit my Etsy shop for photos: Pink Scissors Design). I love watching Christmas movies and singing along with the Christmas songs. It’s a happy time of year!

  21. I love Christmas so that I can send gifts and cards to all my wonderful friends spend it with my partner Jim and our wonderful houndsx

  22. I think Christmas has lost all it’s meaning through the years. I hope to get back to a simplier time with my family and friends with just each other’s love! Leave out all the hustle and bustle of the gifts!
    hulseybg at gmail dot com

  23. I love Christmas but I wish that it was a little less stressful and more relaxing. However, time with my family and seeing my children’s face light up when they open a present that they have been wishing for makes all the stress go away.

  24. That’s a lovely little pouch and I thank you for the opportunity to win it. I think Christmas is a wonderful time of year when we’re able to gather with family and celebrate the birth of Christ together. There’s also a lot of merriment going on.

  25. I love Christmas. I love the excitement in the children, the music, the lights, trees and the celebration of His birth.

    Your little pouch is just darling. You did a nice job on it.

  26. Christmas is a wonderful time to remember family and friends, to share special moments with our loved ones.

    I think your pouch is adorable. I would love to own it. Thank you for participating in the Blog Hop and thank you for following my blog I am now following your blog as well!

    Merry Christmas!

  27. I used to really enjoy making a huge thing of Christmas – an escape from the routine of the rest of the year. But then my husband died on 25 December and I have no wish to celebrate the anniversary of his death

  28. I love Christmas! Yay! For us, it’s a time for getting together with friends & family, staying warm, remembering why we still like each other, & celebrating winter. And FOOD! Merry Christmas!

  29. Hello from Minnesota! I’m a big fan of Christmas (and just about every holiday…I’m that kind of person.) I don’t enjoy stress or demanding people so I try to avoid them and stick to my own fun and hanging out with family/friends.

  30. I adore Christmas. It’s extra fun this year as my kids (5 and 4) are really into the whole thing – even picking out presents for everyone in the family!!

  31. Cute bag! I’ve always wanted to visit Sweden, but am living in Southern California now. Honestly, I can skip most of Christmas stuff. It’s just too commercial and over tone and tacky and NOT spiritual. Though I do like snow (especially making snow-women), and ”We Three Kings” and the Grinch (original animated version).

  32. Lovely pouch! thanks for the giveaway!
    I am not really a Christmas person, but I like the fact that all the family gets together

  33. What a beautiful pouch, thank you for the chance to win. I agree Christmas has gotten to the point of losing its true meaning. Everyone is now so worried about buying gifts to make someone happy.

  34. Nice giveaway. Here is how I REALLY feel..Christmas is conflicting for me. I am happy because this is the time of year to celebrate my Savior’s birth. At the same time, in America. this holiday is very commercialized. Many are pressured into feeling they should be happy, they spend what they don’t have, children are disappointed when they don’t get what they asked for from Santa, etc. I am trying to keep focused on the true meaning of this time of year. Thank you for this giveaway.

  35. Xmas can be a very lonely time of year, especially when a loved one is no longer here to share it with you. That is why I am asking a lovely elderly lady who I call ‘Boots’ and a friend of our’s who has fallen down on his luck to dinner with me and the kids. My other half will be working (can not pass up the opportunity of double bubble can we?)

  36. That is a very pretty bag you are offering. So many things to love about Christmas – being with family – having some down time – cooking and baking and enjoying it with family – just having time to stop and be thankful for all we do have – with each other being the most important.
    Thank you for the chance to win…

  37. I love the joy of Christmas! In the weeks leading up to Christmas, I have a wonderful sense of happiness and peace and I try to hang on to that as long as I can.

  38. I love Christmas and the season of giving and service. It’s nice to reflect on what Christmas means to my husband and me as we teach that part of Christmas to our 5 yr old son.

  39. Christmas used to be my favorite time of year-it meant time with family and loved ones. It still is one of my favorite times of year but is a bit bittersweet as our son lives across the country from us and it is too expensive to travel across the country for Christmas( about 5000 miles from us) I do love the opportunity to spend time with my siblings and my parents.
    Regards from Western Canada,

  40. Christmas is a wonderful time to watch the excitement in the children’s faces. I personally don’t like snow or the cold, but in Iowa you know it’s comeing. Merry Christmas. Thanks for the giveaway.

  41. Ping: Grandmother´s Choise 15 | Rutigt – G Adrian

  42. I always believed that Christmas was a magical time for children. For some reason it has gotten out of control and it seems it all about buying more and more expensive presents. It’s to the point where it is no longer fun and is becoming stressful for adults. It’s all about what money can buy. Remember the old days when presents were hand-made and came from the heart? Anyways, I love your idea for the giveway. Thank you for joining the Party and giving all of your followers a chance to win. I hope you meet a lot of new friends that soon become new followers. Happy Holidays.

    Sandi T.
    Sonora, CA

  43. What a lovely bag you made! We spend Christmas quietly, well, as quietly as 4 kids can get 😉 just us and the kids, presents, good food, lots of family fun. Lots of love. And Jesus. Thats what it’s about.

  44. I love the lights and cheerfulness of the Christmas season. But the line-ups in stores and shopping madness is something I avoid!
    That is an intriguing little pouch. Thanks for the chance at the giveaway!

  45. Christmas is mixed for me. I have lost both my mother and sister in the past few years so it isn’t the same for me. My youngest child is 15 and she is so very excited so I’m trying hard for her. Our oldest daughter is spending her first Christmas creating a new family as she got married in February. We are very involved with our church which keeps our focus on what it should be all about. Thanks for participating in the Blog Hop Giveaway.

  46. I tolerate Christmas. I avoid the materialization aspects and the frantic rush, but enjoy the family gatherings. My family, however, gathers when it is convenient, not always on holidays.

  47. I have mixed feelings about Christmas. I try not to let the commercialism get in my way. I like to stop and think about something nice that I could make for my family – siblings, nieces, nephews, husband and children. I love to decorate the house. But this is the first year we are not purchasing a fresh tree. We’ve got about 6 smaller ones around the house and the living room looks lovely.

  48. I think Christmas has become way too commercialized. There is too much stress put on the quantity and cost of gifts, versus the gift itself. What happened to ”It’s the thought that counts.”
    Merry Christmas from Missouri, USA

  49. The best part of Christmas for me is having my grown children home to celebrate. It’s the only time all year that I have the three of them together here at home. That’s truly the best gift for me!
    Happy holidays and thanks sew much for this chance to win 🙂

  50. Beautiful bag. I love getting together with family. Thanks for the opportunity on a wonderful draw and have a very merry Christmas.

  51. What a cool origamipouch! Thanks for the chance to win. 🙂
    I love Christmas. I can get too caught up in making gifts that I get very rushed at the end but I still love giving gifts and seeing people get excited about the holidays. Then at home, I love listening to Christmas hymns and reading the story of Christ’s birth. It’s such a beautiful time of year!

  52. Love the bag and thank you for the opportunity……My favourite part of Christmas is the giving and being with my family.

  53. Your pouch is so special, I love it. My favorite part of Christmas is the reading the Christmas story from Luke 2. Every year for 40 years my dad has read the Bible before we open gifts and it has become the center of our Christmas. I love the greatest celebration of all the birth of Christ.

  54. Christmas is such a special time–I love the spirit of giving that everyone has . I also love children and the look in their eyes–very magical!

  55. Wonderful pouch. Christmas is a special time of the year as long as we don’t get caught up in all of hoopla of the season. I try to make most of my gifts so that people know that I was thinking of them not just buying something so that I had a gift to give.

  56. What a cute bag! I love this time of the year. Lots of celebrating, food and family. I love Christmas morning with the kids and all of us in our pjs. This year we will have my grandson here! Yeah!

    Thank you for a great giveaway and a chance to win.


  57. I love Christmas and so many people beome happier and kinder to each other. I also look forward to seeing the nativity at church as the children are so happy and innocent. Of course i love the presents too!! Thank you for a fun giveaway.

  58. I think Christmas as a time of warmth Love and Joy It is so magical for children and we are so lucky that we have our children with us.

  59. I think Christmas is a bit sad. My only child too far away to see. Visit with family otherwise. This year we are sadly having reunion as we bury a favorite uncle. After that, I need to find someone who needs a hand. And then lend them one!

  60. I am not very religious but I like Christmas because it is a nice time to spend the day with family. I love the origami bag pattern.

  61. I love Christmas, and what it really means, the birth of Christ! I like to give gifts to family and friends. I love watching the wonder and excitement in the eyes of my grandchildren at Christmas time. Your blog is wonderful, you make such beautiful handmade items, you are very talented. I love the origami bag.

  62. Thanks for the wonderful and generous giveaway. Christmas is the best time to bond with loved ones near and far….I enjoy giving my handmade gifts to family and friends near and far during this festtive season.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. May the coming year bless you and your family with everything that your hearts desire



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