Min inspiration / My Inspiration

Dags för utmaning nr 5 från Project Quilting. ”Välj en tidning, slå upp sidan 28 och låt dig inspireras”. Vilken tidning som helst gick bra. Jag valde tidningen Retro, ett magasin för inredning och design!

Time for challenge nr 5 from Project Quilting. ” Chose a printed publication, look at page 28 and be inspired”. You could choose any magazine. I choosed the magazine Retro, a swedish magazine about decoration and design!


Sidan 28 ingår i ett reportage om ett norskt par, som inrett sitt hem med prylar från 1960 och 70 talet. Mycket gult, orange och brunt. Det var lite svårt att bestämma vad jag skulle sy. Brunt och gult är inte mina favoritfärger. Till slut fick det bli en löpare. Jag kallar den ”Retro Choklad”.

Page 28 is part of a report of a norwigian couple, who have decorated theire home with things from 1960 and 70:s. Very much yellow, orange and brown, which made it a bit hard for me. Brown and yellow are not my colours. Finally I sew a table runner. It´s called ”Retro Chocolate”.



8 thoughts on “Min inspiration / My Inspiration

  1. I’ll have to look out for Retro when I get to Sweden. It looks good. I’ll have to see if they have an online version until then. By the way, how do you manage to do so much? I’m in awe of how many projects you manage to finish.


    • It´s the only magazine we´re buying (except for quiltmagazine, of course) and we love it! My project are not so big, that´s why they are done so fast. The big ones are still in the drawer 🙂


  2. I was so surprised to stumble across one of your entries at Persimondreams blog. She is a member of one of the quilt guilds I belong to. What a small world we live in. Way to go. Congrats on your entry. 🙂



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