Grandmother´s Choise 28

Sista rutan i fjärde raden! Den handlar om kvinnor som tar värvning i armén. Rutan heter Ocean Wave. Läs mera HÄR!

Last block on the fourth row! It´s about women enlisted in the army service. The block´s name is Ocean Wave. Read more about it HERE!

kvinnokamp 28

6 thoughts on “Grandmother´s Choise 28

  1. I can see why it is called ocean wave 🙂 Nice to see you are continuing this project as several other bloggers have given up. How long will it be before the blocks are all completed? Avis x

  2. Thanks for visiting Rainbow Hare! Good luck in the giveaway. I thought I’d let you know, you are showing up as a noreplyblogger, Janine 🙂


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