Klar!! / Finished!!

Dags att redovisa SAL (Stitch-along). Åttonde gången jag är med och därmed har jag sytt klart mina 8 blomtavlor! Några andra som broderat är Avis, Claire, Jule och Kate. Besök deras bloggar och se vad fint de broderar!

Time to show the result of SAL (Stitch-along). It´s the eight time I´m doing this and I´ve finished all the eight floral embroderies! Some other ladies who are in the embrodery business are Avis, Claire, Jule and Kate. Do visit theire blogs and see the nice thing they are working on!


Detta är den sista blomman och nu är frågan…….Vad ska jag göra med mina små tavlor? Är det någon som har ett förslag? Vill helst inte göra tavlor att sätta upp på väggen. Tänkte istället de skulle på något sätt ingå i ett lappverk.

This was the last flower and now the question is………What shall I do with my small embroderies? Does anyone have a suggestion? I´ll not put them in frames and hang on the wall. Instead I thought they´d be in a ”quiltsomething” .



Jaha, vad ska jag brodera nu….. julduk eller skator! 🙂

Well, what will I choose to embrodery now….. a christmasclothe or magpies? 🙂



8 thoughts on “Klar!! / Finished!!

  1. well done – your flowers are beautiful and I look forward to seeing how you finish them off.
    I would love to see you pick up the Magpies next ^^

  2. I haven’t seen the earlier flowers. It’s a lovely group, and I vote for making two cushions with 4 flowers on the front of each, and for the magpies as your next project.

  3. Gorgeous flowers! I’m voting for the magpies too ☺. For your flower finish ….. I was remembering how you always show us the lovely views from your sewing room window. How about making a quilt that looks like each flower is seen through individual window panes. Check out the images on Google for ”window quilt”. You could do 3×3 panes with the centre panel as the date or something else. Whatever you decide will be brilliant ☺.


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