Novemberbroderi / Embroidery of November

Dags att redovisa broderandet igen. Tre veckor går väldigt fort, men jag har hunnit sy lite grann. Nu börjar det växa fram blad till blommorna!

Tme to show you my embroidery again. Three weeks passes by in no time, but I have been stitching during the weeks. Now leaves have started growing beside the flowers!


Vi är flera tjejer som broderar tillsammans. Alla har vi våra egna projekt, UFO broderier som äntligen ska bli klara. Takten bestämmer vi själva, men vi visar vad vi sytt var tredje vecka på våra bloggar. Du är välkommen att vara med. Ta kontakt med Claire, länken hittar du här nedanför 🙂

We are a bunch of ladies who are stitching together. We all have our own project, UFO embroidery that now finally are gonna be finished. How long time it´ll take is up to us, but every third week we post about it on our blogs. You are welcome to join us. Visit Claire´s blog and let her know. Link below 🙂

Avis, Claire, Kate, Carole, LucyAnne, Jule, Wendy, Cathy, Jacqui, Jess

14 thoughts on “Novemberbroderi / Embroidery of November

  1. I really love this piece, and the more you do, the more I love it! I will be posting about my stitching and ScrapHappy projects later today; I already wrote something today about what is happening in France, and I want to leave some ‘space’ around that.



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