Scrap Happy Day November

Med allt hemskt som händer i världen, gäller det att hålla humöret uppe. Kate och jag har infört Scrap Happy Day, den 15:e varje månad. Vi visar upp projekt där vi använt våra scraps. Ni vet, de där högarna med små tygbitar, som aldrig tar slut 🙂

With all the terrible things happening in the world today, you got to find a way to be happy. Kate and I have started Scrap Happy day the 15th every month. We are posting about project where we used our scraps. You know, the piles with small pieces of fabrics that never seems to end 🙂


Jag har alltid en mängd projekt på gång, bl a frimärksrutor. Rutorna är 1.5″ stora (små). Så fort jag får tygbitar över, försöker jag skära till fyrkanter. Det har blivit några under årens lopp. Ibland syr jag ihop dem, förhoppningsvis ska det en dag bli ett stort täcke av alltihop!

I´m always working on a lot of project, among others Postage Stamps quilts. I´m using 1.5″ squares. Every time there are some fabric left overs, I try to cut out the squares. There have been a lot of them during the years. When there is time I sew them together and hopefully I´ll one day have a large sized quilt!


Här följer länkar till quiltare som också skriver om sina scraps just idag. Vill du ha med din länk, så skriv det i kommentaren. Jag länkar gärna 🙂 För er som letar efter broderi, fortsätt scrolla neråt på sidan!

Here are some links to quilters who also are writing about scraps today. If you also want to join us, let me know in the comment below. I´m happy to link to your blog 🙂 For all of you who wants to read about my embroidery, keep on scrolling down the page!


15 thoughts on “Scrap Happy Day November

  1. Are you sewing by hand or machine? I belong to the Curious Quilter Swap group for postage stamps quilts. I am machining 2.5″ squares–and this year during the Rainbow Scrap Challenge i did 64-piece (8 x 8) squares for big blocks of each month’s colors….I LOVE sewing squares!
    I am also making hand sewn 9-patch sqaures for…well, I haven’t decided as yet…. that piece is on my post today. (blue and cream)..hugs, Julierose



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