Kattbroderiet / The Cat Embroidery

Jösses, vad roligt det var att sy på Aida väv, istället för att räkna trådar 🙂 Nu har jag nästan sytt klart den mittersta katten och bakgrunden. Syr återstående stygn när fler katter använder samma färg på tråden. Planerar att sy bakgrunden klar vid varje katt. Tror det blir ganska enformigt att sy allt på en gång annars!

 Oh dear, how fun it was to sew on Aida fabric, instead of counting threads 🙂 I have now almost finished the cat in the middle and its background. I´ll stitch the remaining stitches, when there are more cats using the same color on the thread. I plan to finish the background with every cat I sew. Got a feeling it´s gonna be rather boring if not!


Vi är ett gäng damer som broderar och var tredje söndag visar vi upp våra arbeten. Det är inget tvång att sy, men med några stygn varje gång, har man snart sytt klart sitt broderi. Vi är nog många som har ett påbörjat broderi liggandes i en låda 🙂 Vill du vara med??? Kontakta Avis! Denna söndag välkomnar vi två nya damer till vår grupp!! Susan och Kathy!!!!!!!!

We are a group of ladies, embroidering, and every third Sunday we show our projects in our blogs. You don´t have to show a result, but stitching just a little, makes your embroidery soon to be finished. I guess we are a big group out there, with embroidery we once started on, now sleeping in a box 🙂 Do you wanna join us? Contact Avis! This Sunday we welcome two new members in our group! Susan and Kathy!!!!!!!

Avis, Claire, Kate, Carole, LucyAnne, Wendy, Jess, Sue, Constanze, Debbierose, Christina, Susan and Kathy.


25 thoughts on “Kattbroderiet / The Cat Embroidery

  1. Linen, no way, unless its embroidery. Doing background at same time is good, definitely less boring, its like back stitch as you go. Sense of mini achievement as you go


  2. I much prefer the feel and look of evenweave, especially a nice stubby linen. I don’t mind the counting either.
    I do like your cat and am looking forward to seeing his friends 🙂


  3. I will stitch on anything once…but I think I prefer 25-32 count even weave, because it makes the half stitches so much easier. That said, I see I have almost all Aida in my stash! Looking forward to more feline friends showing up on your fabric. Tusen takk for sharing!


      • My problem is threading my sewing machine…hand stitching is still fine, but that’s because a friend recommended that I ask for measurements for specific activities when I had my glasses redone. While I was a little chagrined to be fitted for trifocals, they have been a blessing!


      • On my sewing machine there are a little helper, so that´s easy 🙂 I have to good eyesight for not needing glasses, but sometimes that isn´t enough!

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