Tiden rinner iväg / Time Flies

Så är det åter dags att redovisa mitt kattbroderi. Hur långt har jag kommit denna gång? Bra fråga, men inget bra svar är jag rädd för. Jag har inte alls haft lust att brodera sen sist. Fast några stygn har det blivit! Översta bilden visar hur långt jag hade kommit för tre veckor sedan och den nedre visar var jag är idag. Ingen större skillnad!

So it´s time to show you my cat embroidery once again. And just how much have I stitch this time? Good question, but the answer isn´t that great, I´m afraid. I haven´t felt like stitching at all since last time. Just a few stitches!  The first photo shows where I was three weeks ago and the next photo shows where I am today. Not much difference there!



Jag är med i en broderi grupp. Vi kommer från världens alla hörn. Vi broderar vad vi vill och hur mycket vi vill. Var tredje söndag visar vi upp våra arbeten! Här nedanför hittar du länkar till alla medlemmar. Vill du vara med i vår grupp så hör av dig till Avis!

I am participating in an embroidery group. The members are from all over the world. We stitch whatever we want and how much we want. Every third Sunday we show everyone what we´ve done! Down below you´ll find the links to all the members. If you are interested to join us, just contact Avis!

Avis, Claire,  CaroleLucyAnnKateJessSueConstanzeDebbierose, Christina,

Susan, Kathy, MargaretCindyHelenSteph, Linda, Catherine, Wendy, Mary Margaret

and Timothy

36 tankar på “Tiden rinner iväg / Time Flies

  1. Any progress big or small is still progress. I think everyone looses their ”stitchy-bug” from time to time. I have pieces I have put away that I picked up again years later. And I have pieces I stopped working on that will probably never be touched again.

    When I get to that point and I’m not satisfied with my progress I just tell myself that even a stitch here and there is that much closer to the end.

    It looks fantastic so far. I hope you get your stitchy-bug back the cats are too cute.😁


  2. I didn’t manage much myself this time, but I think the SAL prompts us to do a few stitches even if we don’t have time to do any more, so at least the project doesn’t get abandoned in a drawer and never see the light of day again 🙂


  3. Rome wasn’t built in a day! So neither will be the wall on which your cats are sitting. 😉 I hope your inspiration to stitch will return soon. Spring seems to be a hard time to be sitting with a needle in your hand!



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