Ett stygn / One Stitch

Ja, några fler har det väl blivit, men jag har inte varit så värst flitig sen sist. Så här såg mitt broderi ut då:

Well, I have stitch more than one, but not so very much more I´m afraid. This is how my embroidery looked like three weeks ago:


Och så här ser det ut nu:

And this is how it looks now:


Katten jag håller på med, är väldigt randig. Jag måste hela tiden räkna och kontrollera mönstret och just nu är jag inte riktigt upplagd för det 🙂 Däremot kan du besöka mina vänner i denna broderigrupp för att se vad de syr. Länkarna finns här nedanför. Är du nyfiken på det vi gör, kan du läsa mer om det på bloggen Sewing Beside the Sea.

The cat I´m working on is very striped. I must count and check the pattern all the time and right now I´m not in the mood for that 🙂 Instead do visit my friends in this SAL (stitch-along) and find out what they are stitching. You´ll find the links down below. If you want to know more about the SAL, just visit the blog Sewing Beside the Sea.

Avis, Claire,  Carole, LucyAnnKate, Jess, Sue, Constanze, Debbierose, Christina,
KathyMargaret, CindyHelen, Steph, Linda, Catherine, Mary Margaret, Timothy, Heidi  and Connie

Äntligen klar!!!!! Idag ville programmet inte kopiera länkarna från förra gången, så jag har fått lägga in länkarna ett i taget 🙂

Finally finished!!!! Today the program refused to copy the links I made three weeks ago, so I had to make one link at the time. Couldn´t even copy and paste the links from the mail from Claire 🙂










31 tankar om “Ett stygn / One Stitch

  1. I know the feeling when you just can’t get motivated. Don’t worry you’ll get back to it properly some time. If the copying and pasting doesn’t work, try starting to copy from the line above the first link to and including the line after the last link. Then delete any unnecessary pasted text. I find that always works for me.


  2. Just a little progress this time, oh well. You have been very busy on other projects. I’ve been having the not copying links problem on my phone for a long time, it refuses to copy links & I have no idea how to fix it.


  3. any amount of stitching is progress is how i see it. it really cute i cant wait to see how it comes along. designs with a lot of color changes always take more time to complete but its worth the effort in the end.


  4. Any progress is good progress! Sometimes I have a hard time motivating myself to work on something requiring more concentration, but a little bit at a time and we can finish in not too long a time.



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